My coaching approach

Life can be hectic and stressful, sometimes overwhelming. We don’t always have the time to stop and ponder in this busy world. Coaching with me allows you to take a breath, press the pause button, and think how you want your life to be and what your values are, and how all this might fit together. We may discuss grand, existential themes, or more likely, everyday worries. All have a place in the coaching conversation as all ultimately relate to helping you create a life that is more in tune with yourself.

We work together, as equals. My approach is empathic and non-judgemental, and we co-create a relationship that is built on trust. This is integral to a successful, productive, enjoyable coaching relationship. In this way, we work to uncover new perspectives and practical ways forward that may not have occurred to you before, nor even have seemed possible. I will be alongside you all the way.

I listen carefully to your story, to your interpretations and themes, to the language you use. I may highlight different areas that stand out to me, sharing my observations. At times I may ask some challenging questions, always in a supportive way, to help you gain more clarity, more sense of how to take the next step and what that might be.

Life presents us with choices, but within certain confines. We have dreams, sometimes clear, sometimes less so. I help you find a way of clarifying what these are, and how to move towards achieving these, always firmly anchored in reality, helping you find that balance between the dream and what is needed to get there.

You have many strengths and I believe that understanding these, recognising these (perhaps for the first time) and building on them will help you be more confident, more resilient, more positive.

The coaching relationship may be short or long. It depends on you. In any event the focus is where you want it to be, and this may change over time, or turn out to be different from what you expected. Life is unpredictable!