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Where you want to be

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Coach Mentor Kate Buchanan

Dialogue is very powerful in helping us create new thought pathways, make new connections and will help you be more confident in your choices. 

Our conversations will help you make the changes you decide to make.

Working with me

Who is coaching with Kate for?

Anyone who wants to develop and progress. You might be 18 or 80.

Maybe you are stuck in your career, or have a difficult boss, or a new leadership role, or just started university. Maybe your concern is more about relationships, or juggling family and job, or you feel you lack the confidence to fulfil your potential?

What can coaching with Kate do for you?

It allows you the space and time to articulate and reflect on where you want to get to, what might be blocking you, and help you come up with your own solutions for how to get there.

Coaching is about your development and this will mean different things to different people, at different stages, and in different areas of their lives.

Why does coaching with Kate work?

Coaching is a dialogue, where together we discuss and examine different pathways to work out the best way forward. In essence the dialogue is an act of co-creation, where new ideas are sparked, new possibilities appear.

Whilst it is sometimes a challenging process, you will have no fear of judgement, and we always go at your pace.


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